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Our Friends and Welcoming Committee

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Shabri's Time Traveler

Foaled May 5, 2002
 Jingles X Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (Ellie)
~StJoseph Missouri~
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Shabri's Jigsaw Puzzle
Sorrel & White gelding, foaled June 1996. 
Registered Half Saddle bred
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Shabri's Oreo Sensation
Black & White Gelding, Foaled May 17, 2004,
Jingles X Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (Ellie)
~Harrisonville Missouri~
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Shabri's Traveling Two Timer

Black and White Filly, Foaled April 17, 2003
 Doc X Double Missouri Traveler Mare (Rosie)
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Shabri's Kiss And Tell

Sorrel & White, Filly, Foaled March 24, 2006
Doc X Missouri Bo Mare / Sensation (Peaches)
~Belton Missouri~
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Shabri's Winged Sensation
Sabino Gelding, Foaled April 29, 2006
Jingles X Missouri Bo/Sensation Mare (Pegasus)

Harrisonville Missouri~
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Remembering 31 wonderful years.....
"There is an emptiness, a gap, a place in your heart
that will never again be filled in the same way.  Remember
the playful times, the serious times, the quiet times and most
of all remember the love that was shared and the special moments together.  These memories are the most precious treasure and will be forever present in your heart."


  She was such a regal and proud lady.  A picture of elegance in
  her youth, it still shined through her greying hairs and swaying
  back.  I remember our neighborhood 'trail' rides, and racing
  across the farm fields with our riding buddies.  She might not
  have been the biggest horse, but had the biggest heart and a
  strong will to win the day, every day.  Always the boss of her
  pasture herd, till the very end.  Her two pasture companions
  stood over her after her passing as if to guard the Queen and
  offer respectful mourning.

  I miss her shining copper coat and beautiful white blaze.  I miss
  her shows where she would dance around the pasture with tail
  straight up, head and ears up, nostrils flaring, hooves prancing.
  Most of all I miss her companionship.  We will ride on in my
  dreams, and some day in the hereafter.

Thinking of you as you get through this rough time.
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Shabri's Put N On The Ritz
Blue Roan & White Gelding, Foaled July 11, 2004
Jingles X Doc / Topper Mare (Mimi)
Gerald & Lynne
~Beggs Oklahoma~
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Shabri's Dream Miner
Sorrel & White Gelding, Foaled May 14, 2004
Jingles x Missouri Bo / Sensation / Doc Mare (Misty)
Gerald & Lynne
~Beggs Oklahoma~

Full Brother to Dawn

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Shabri's Sparke Of Perfection
Bay Roan Gelding, June 28, 2005,
Jingles X Doc / Topper Mare (Mimi)

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Shabri's Surprize Perfection
Sorrel & White Gelding, Foaled June 18, 2004
Doc X Topper Mare (Frosty)
Michael & Sharon
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Shabri's Traveling Willie

Bay, Colt, Foaled April 13, 2006
Doc X Double Missouri Traveler Mare (Rosie)
Gerald & Lynne
~Beggs Oklahoma~
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Shabri's Charming Rose
Grey Mare, Foaled Apr 25, 1996
Double Missouri Traveler / Mo Charming Lad
Gerald & Lynne
~Beggs Oklahoma~
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In The Black
Smokey Black, Filly, Foaled March 31, 2005
Doc X Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (Peaches)
~Saskatchewan Canada~
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Shabri's In Due Time

Chestnut Colt, Foaled May 19, 2005  Jingles x Doc / Duke's Carbon Copy Mare (Foxy)
~Cleveland Missouri~

"Red Man"
Shabri's Red Man Sensation

Sorrel Colt, Foaled May 10, 2005
Jingles X Doc / Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (DD)
~Cleveland Missouri~
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Shabri's Snick or Treat
Bay Filly, Foaled April 19, 2003
Doc X Traveler Mare (Queenie)
~Gainsville Missouri~

More Snickes Photos


Shabri's Gem An E Cricket

Bay Gelding, Foaled April 16, 2004
Doc X Perfection Mare (Penny)
~Gainsville Missouri~


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Shabri's In The Nick Of Time

Roan & White, Gelding, Foaled May 28, 2003
Doc X Topper Mare (Frosty)
Michael & Sharon
~Monclova, Ohio~

September 19, 2005
"Nick is a sweetie. I love his personality."

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Shabri's Traveling Skeeter
Sorrel & White Filly, Foaled April 18, 2005
Doc X Double Missouri Traveler Mare (Rosie)
Keith & Nicole
~Irondale Missouri~
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Shabri's Day Dreamer
Bay Mare, Foaled April 16, 1999
Doc X Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (Peaches)
~Odessa Missouri~

September 12, 2005
“She is totally different than my pokey old gelding!.... It is nice to know that I don't have to nag, or constantly urge my horse to move out. You have done a wonderful job training her.” ~Denise
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Shabri's Nell Of A Go Girl
Sorrel & White Mare, Foaled May 9, 2001
Doc X Missouri Bo / Sensation Mare (Peaches)

August 2005
Just a note  to tell my US friends that I will be doing the FIRST ever Missouri Foxtrotter demonstration at our provincial All Breed Show this coming weekend.  We have a lot of TWH up here & Rockies are moving in, but I brought the first MFT up here last year & 2 of us are going to "strut our stuff". Foxie, my colored MFT mare, 3 yrs old, & Nell, a 4 yr old from  MO also will do the demo both sat & sun.  Wish us luck! We just LOVE our mares." ~Barb

"Nell is amazing. I can't say enough good things about her. You can just tell that she came from a loving and caring home by the way she interacts with people. She's calm [but certainly not a deadhead], level-headed, intelligent, loving , beautiful and smooth-gaited to boot. I'm so thrilled to have her and I want Sharon to know she has a good and loving home with us. I don't know if they ever loped her, but it's floating on a cloud."
~Nancy M.
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